Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Thank you

To those of you who have been reading this blog and have encouraged me to keep writing, thanks. It's been good for me to see the thoughts I have in writing. I'm one of those people who mulls things over and over again, not all bad stuff, just stuff. It could be something wonderful that I'm learning in the Word, thoughts of new people in my life, things I must accomplish in the days ahead, spiritual struggles that I'm battling, people I love...anything. These thoughts often keep me from even being able to sleep though the night.
Since I've started blogging, it's getting better. Much of what I've written never actually makes it to the blogspot. But it's still cleansing. I'd encourage anyone to blog, especially those who have a lot on their minds and feel they have something edifying to share with those who may read it.
Charlie, two in particular have kept me writing. Thank you. You may not even know how much little things you've said or done have kept me working on this. Rebekah, your encouraging praise has made me feel like continuing the forward motion in this life. You have been an encouragement face to face, and now with the distance, in the lovely words you wrote at my blogspot. Thank you.
God has truly blessed me with wonderful friends. I've been told that if you can count your true friends on one hand, you've got more than most ever do. Well, I have been immeasurably blessed by friends who love the Lord and love me. And I praise God for that.


Anonymous Rebecca said...

Gretchen-I really do love you and cherish you. This is just one way for showing it. I mean what I say, or write. Give the kids love for myself and my boys. Give yourself a hug from all of us too.

9:06 AM, April 07, 2005  
Anonymous Shalomathome said...

Life is full roses and you show some of yours. But not without the thorns. It is easy to write only the succes stories but you decided not to! Although your stories are succes stories. At least to me! The succes that they show is the fact that you have such courage to write them down and to share them with others! Some people had to learn the hard way and I was one of them! God has showed me the Way! Through your stories I can read the great love for our Saviour and His great love for us. You're great! Keep writing!!!


2:17 PM, April 07, 2005  

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