Tuesday, August 31, 2010

This was taken by my kids' Aunt Sarah. From left to right--Caleb, Sophie, Bethany, Abigail, Joshua. I cannot possibly imagine a life without them. Some say, "I cannot believe you have five children! What were you thinking???" Well, look at these children---each of them are sunshine in my days. When they are small, they may wonder, "Who is Mommy's favorite?" They're all my favorite! Sophie for her silly dainty ways and her enormous heart, Abigail for her excitement for life and her tenderness, Caleb for his warmth and compassionate spirit, Bethany for her wisdom beyond her years and nurturing heart, Joshua for his soulful depth and unwillingness to merely "be".
Truth be known, I have six... The oldest I am fortunate enough to have acquired through marriage. At 21, she teaches me more than she may know---about myself, about love...
Oh to deserve these blessings! The joy the bring to my days, the compassion they teach me to give to others, the tenderness they show the most callous of hearts....God has given me riches beyond measure by putting each of these beautiful souls in my care. Lord, I pray for wisdom to raise them up to glorify and serve you.


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