Tuesday, November 01, 2005

"Did I Just Say That?": Part 1

I just enjoyed a conversation today with one of the most teachable people I've ever known. Fully aware of the fact that he's an imperfect person, yet striving to be more of the man he is capable of being, he's vulnerable enough to say, "There's something about me I just don't like and I've got to do something about it." What is it about himself that he doesn't like? It's his tendency to say things that he wouldn't have said had he thought them through a bit more. As we were speaking, I found myself thinking, "Well, isn't that a familiar struggle?"
Being fully aware of my own battle with taming my tongue, I'm sensitive to the fact that the words of my mouth are powerful. Every word spoken to someone has an impact on them. The person or people I'm speaking to (and perhaps others within ear-shot) may be bored to tears, provoked to anger, enlightened, encouraged, uplifted, irritated, misinformed, challenged, discouraged, comforted... Surely, I could go on stating more ways words may impact others, but I'm sure you get the idea now. After the conversation I had (the one which prompted me to write this), I stopped to ask myself this question. "When others spend time with me, do they walk away from the conversation edified?" If that is seldom the case, then what can I do to be a blessing to those I'm speaking with?
In the coming weeks, I'll be delving into this topic. Please join me in my endeavor to make the words of my mouth a blessing to those who hear them.


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